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From the  2nd  to 5th  April 2008 presented at the REHAU Window   the leading trade fair for windows and facade engineering, in Nuremberg. The emphasis this time was the world premiere of the new, revolutionary window profile generation GENEO ® from the high-tech material RAU FIPRO ®.




 Exploration and development of new and renewable forms of energy are a central topic of our times. The production of regenerative energy from the sun, wind, water, geothermal energy and biomass is increasingly moving to the forefront. REHAU has championed solutions for environmentally friendly production of energy for many years. Through our unique program diversity, we provide a comprehensive and cost-lowering systems and in so doing set forward-looking trends in construction. 

Using the technically advanced REHAU-SOLECT solar systems, the power of the sun can be used wisely. Our systems save up to 70 percent of energy costs for heating potable water and up to 35 percent for heating buildings. These long-lasting, low-maintenance systems provide a high solar yield for many years and can be combined with existing heat generators such as oil or gas boilers, heat pumps and solid fuel boilers. 

Solar energy is not only useful for heating potable water or heating buildings. Electricity can also be generated with solar power. As a well-established partner in the electrical industry, REHAU provides photo-voltaic systems. In addition to ecological reasons, such as avoidance of climate-damaging CO2 emissions and the protection of valuable resources, reducing costs is one of the primary motivations for choosing such a system. 

Energy from the ground is available at a depth of approximately 1.2 meters throughout middle Europe regardless of weather conditions and time of year. REHAU offers two alternative solutions for using this energy. The RAUGEO Collect soil collector obtains energy from the surface, while the RAUGEO Ground Probe collects energy from deep underground. Both systems extract heat from the subsoil via a closed circuit and bring it to the required temperature using a heat pump. Another possibility for using geothermal energy is the air/soil heat exchanger AWADUKT Thermo. In combination with a heat recovery device, it provides comforting heat in the winter and pleasant coolness in the summer, reducing energy costs. As a totally new innovation, the anti-microbial interior layer of the pipe significantly decreases the growth of bacteria or algae, thereby improving air hygiene. 

The biomass is another example of the use of regenerative energy. Approximately 2,500 biogas facilities in Germany provide people with electricity and thermal heat. REHAU has developed a completely new pipe for the fermenters. RAUGEO Plus Bio improves heat input and lowers hydrocarbon input into the heating circuit by means of a barrier. RAUTHERMEX thermal pipe provides optimal heat supply. REHAU, in its role as a leading provider, also offers piping technology for other components of a biogas system. 

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